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Mitch Bricks is a program that was started by Mitch Villavaso in 2017 while he was in the fourth grade.  Mitch and his friends visit local homeless shelters in the Baltimore area to play Legos with the child residents. He originally thought that raising money would be the best way to serve his friends at area homeless shelters, but he quickly realized that donating his time is just as valuable; especially since the child residents don’t have many entertainment options at the shelters. As Legos can be expensive, many of Mitch’s friends at the shelters have never even played Legos. Mitch has always loved Legos, and he wanted to share one of his favorite things with kids who didn’t have access to them.  The child residents get very excited for Mitch’s visits.  The Legos are fun, but having a friend who cares is the most special gift. 


Mitch Bricks is now a regular program at local shelters.  Mitch and his team quickly realized that the families living at the shelters often had basic needs that he could meet by sourcing necessities from the community.  Not only does Mitch arrive for his visits with Legos, but he often will also have necessities such as toiletries, diapers, wipes, gloves and coats.


The mission of Mitch Bricks is to connect communities through educational play and friendship by sourcing volunteers to serve and donations to assist the economically disadvantaged. 


Come play with us!

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