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Elliott's Ark

Elliott's Ark focuses on the needs of pets of struggling people and families. We believe pets are important family members and assist with keeping them with their owners as long as they are safe and properly cared for. We step in and assist with the daily necessities required to care for a pet such as food, cat litter, medications, annual vaccinations, and emergency medical care.  

Needed Donations:

Dog food - puppy and/or adult wet and/or dry
Collars and leashes (any size)
Beds and blankets
Cat food - kitten and/or adult wet and/or dry 
Litter boxes and cat litter

Locations We Serve: 
C.A.N. Food Pantry (Baltimore County)
St. Gabrieal Food Pantry
Garden Village Neighborhood Residents
Hillendale Neighborhood Residents 
Any families and pets that are in need. 

Call for help: 443-841-5355


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